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Glitter Doormat

Chromo Jet is a patented printing system using High speed valves which are computer controlled. The pressurised spot colours are pushed into the pile of the carpet without the needle actually touching the fabric. The very high flexibility of colours and patterns with no limitation of pattern repeats score a very big advantage of tufted or other woven products. The complete colour penetration which is possible makes it very hard for a lay man to distinguish between our printed product and a regular solution dyed product based on the colour of the yarn. Our smaller sampling machine makes it possible for us to produce small samples in a very short time thus easing the decision on custom carpets for all our clients, architects and interior designer
Quality Details Glitter Doormat
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Code : WA - 0017
Code : WA - 0018
Code : WA - 0019

Code : WA - 0020